Soduko Puzzles

Printable soduko puzzles.The game of soduko originated in the eighteenth does not involve any calculation knowledge but needs reasoning and logical thinking to come up with the answers.

Soduko Solver  v.

The SodukoSolver is a fine little tool to help people solve their soduko games. It does not actually solve the sodoku, but helps the user to find and solve the easiest unique


Sudoku Assistant

Sudoku Assistant provides you with a computerized Sudoku board that frees you from the mundane task of tracking which candidates are possible in each box and enables you to concentrate on the logic of the solution. Features include: Automatic candidate


SudokuMeister makes it easy for you to play and solve the popular Sudoku puzzles on your computer. Sudoku is a japanese puzzle that has become very popular all over the world the last few months. SudokuMeister is very easy and comfortable to use and

Sudoku Printer

Sudoku Printer generates and prints booklets of sudoku puzzles. You may select to print 1, 2, 4 or 9 puzzles per page and you may print up to 100 pages of puzzles at a time. You may also select one of the following levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Very

Sudoku Solver Software

Solve Sudoku puzzles by entering the initial partially completed grid.

SadMan Software: Sudoku  v.

SadMan Software: Sudoku is a program that will solve any Sudoku puzzle. This program is intended to give you the right numbers that you must place into each box. You can enter a sudoku puzzle, and order the program to solve it.

Just Sudoku - Professional Edition  v.1 2

Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle.

Truffle Tray  v.1. 1. 2012

Truffle Tray is a puzzle game involving delicious chocolate truffles. This game will have all puzzle-addicts thinking of chocolate. Besides, with a range of three difficulty levels, any player can enjoy playing this game.

Sudoku Arena  v.1 3

Solve Sudoku puzzles by dragging numbers from the palette on to the board or within the board. Drag incorrectly placed numbers out of the board to move them back to the palette. Only one of each numbers is allowed in every row, column and 3x3 square.

Jsi Sudoku  v.2.8

Jsi Sudoku let you to play Free Sudoku with Tips, Cheat-Mode & an Illegal Move "oops" indicator.PDF Printing 1. Just click on the PDF button at any time to get a PDF of the current puzzle 2. Print it out and take your puzzle with youCheat 1. Click on

Jsi PDF Calendar  v.1.0a

jsi PDF calendar is designed to make it very simple to create PDF calendars. It gives you the flexibility to choose any day as the weekend, For instance you can have Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday, or indeed any day as the weekend.

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